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Ben Yakir 

“Ben-Yakir Youth Village will constitute a warm and loving home for its students in a protective optimal environment.  The village will educate to a Jewish, Zionist, democratic and humane heritage.  The village will broaden the horizons of its students to assist them in acquiring an academic and professional education”.

The vision of Ben-Yakir Youth Village


Ben-Yakir is a religious youth village, based in Kefar Haroeh settlement in Hefer Valley.  The village was established 70 years ago to a target audience of immigrants and holocaust survivor youth and operated as an agricultural “Yeshiva”.  In the passing years and according to the needs of the state of Israel, the village has undergone many changes and in the past 40 years it operates in its current state as a village for youth at risk from all around Israel.


Since January 2014, Ben-Yakir Youth Village operates as an NGO in full ownership of the Jewish Agency.  Heading the Village’s Board of Directors is Mr. Benny Levin, and among the council members are representatives of the Jewish Agency as well as public representatives in the education field, finance and others


The village contains a school where the residents study in 8th and 9th grades.  The learning method at the school is based on the Feuerstein Institute method, which emphasizes developing skills and learning capabilities with reference to both the educational level and the emotional level of the youth.  The classes are for a small number of students, the individual educational hours are numerous and the individual work plans are built in full cooperation with the dormitory staff and the learning reinforcement center. 


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Einat Gilad

Director of Resources and Projects Development

phone: +972 - 50- 2735262

office: +972 - 4 - 6160223



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